scalable, adaptable & durable 

Scalable to varying water flows and concentrations, adaptable to existing water treatment systems and unaffected by pH and temperature. Our solution can be applied in a multitude of areas to replace or complement both new and established water treatment systems. Learn more about a select few below.

industrial wastewater &

flue gas condensates

Increasingly stringent environmental regulations are pushing industries to adapt to continuously lower emission rates, creating a demand for more sophisticated technologies. High removal rate, cost-efficiency, scalability and tolerability to variations in temperature and pH makes our technology an excellent choice for many kinds of industrial wastewater treatment.

drinking water

If you don’t have access to clean drinking water, not much else matters. There are tremendous efforts being undertaken worldwide to secure safe drinking water. In mercury polluted areas, our filter can be used to ensure drinkable water without removing healthy minerals. In lab tests the technology has produced waters ten times below the international drinking water standards.

environmental sanitation

Sanitation projects of buildings, land and water streams surrounding e.g. industrial sites and dental clinics are becoming more common with the increasing need to clean up after old sins. Our technology can easily be applied to mobile water treatment systems and provides benefits in both short and long projects.

refinement of chemicals

Atium’s technology combines a removal rate over 99% down to the ppt-range with high performance independant of pH. That allows us to offer solutions for refinement and polishing, removing  extremely low concentrations of mercury in chemicals such as sulfuric acid. 

dental amalgam

Dental amalgam is still one of the largest uses of mercury in the world. Amalgam particles in dental clinics’ wastewaters are usually collected by amalgam separators, but since mercury is a very soluable metal, it leaks out over time. By complementing the (in many countries mandatory) amalgam separators, we can efficiently minimize the emissions from dental clinics.