Atium’s reusable filter technology allows selective removal of mercury from water, in a more effective and sustainable way than ever before.

reducing emissions and operating costs

the reusable filter for mercury removal

We have developed new technology for effective and cost-efficient removal of mercury from fluids. The patent-pending technology is based on a reversible electrochemical process with incredible performance. Compared to conventional methods, our product is: 

  • Effective at removing low concentrations.
  • Selective for mercury.
  • Sustainable both in terms of cost and environment.

scalable benefits

application areas

Mercury is, according to the WHO, one of the top ten chemicals of major public health concern. As such, effective and cost-efficient mercury removal is of increasing demand. Our technology can be adapted and scaled to several applications, read more about a few below.


Drinking Water

Environmental Sanitation


Dental Amalgam


applying modern research to help solve urgent climate issues

Based in Sweden, Atium is developing innovative water treatment technologies in an effort to contribute to a world where polluted waters are a thing of the past.

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