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Our Mission


A world where clean water, free from toxic heavy metal pollutions, is a global standard.

Clean water is our most valuable resource, our most basic need and one of our largest future challenges. The problem with heavy metal pollution in water is widespread. Heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium are considered as three of the most toxic chemicals to human health. Removing these heavy metals from industrial wastewaters is an expensive task that is becoming increasingly challenging as regulations are becoming stricter. The demand for more cost efficient and sustainable water treatment solutions is large. By offering a more effective and sustainable technology to industries we can reduce the amount of heavy metals leaking into our environment. 

Our Solution


A new method for removing toxic heavy metals, in a more sustainable and cost efficient way.

Our technology has three distinct strengths:

  • It is effective at removing very low concentrations of heavy metals from water,
  • It is very selective, it only removes the targeted heavy metal
  • It is sustainable since it is reusable, has a low energy requirement and does not produce any secondary waste.


Sustainable Heavy Metal Removal

A reusable filter capable of selectively removing low concentrations of mercury, lead and cadmium from water.

We are developing a new sustainable method for selectively removing toxic heavy metals from water. The patent pending technology is based on electrochemistry  and is the result of several years of research at Chalmers University of Technology.

We have confirmed exceptional performance in removing mercury, have promising results on removing lead and cadmium, though we need to perform more experiments, and can potentially also remove arsenic. Via a built in sensor we can detect when the filter is full. When that happens the filter is removed, the heavy metals can be safely disposed of, and the filter is then ready to be reused again.



One of our major strengths is that we can remove very low concentrations of heavy metals from water, which is important since they are toxic even in small amounts. In tests performed on water with a mercury concentration of 50ppb (0.05mg/l), we could remove over 99% of the mercury. 


Our technology is extremely selective. We can decide which heavy metals we wish to remove from the water, and do not waste capacity on removing other substances.


Our technology is reusable and does not produce any secondary waste, beside the heavy metals themselves. This, in addition to a low energy requirement makes this technology sustainable from both a cost- and environmental point of view.

Meet The Team

Emma Ericson

Business Developer

Johan Björkquist

Business Developer

Björn Wickman

Inventor & Tech Expert

Jan Burenius

Business Coach

Cristian Tunsu

Tech Expert

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