applying modern research to solve urgent climate issues

innovative water treatment

Atium is a Swedish company developing innovative water treatment technologies, based on cutting-edge research. By developing effective and cost-efficient products we aim to reduce global pollution and help battle climate change.

doing our part in a global struggle

clean water, for everyone

Clean water is one of the largest future challenges the world stands before and toxic pollutants are a large contributing factor. Heavy metals are some of the most toxic chemicals to human health and it is our goal to make water treatment more effective and sustainable. Atium exists to help ensure clean water, for everyone.

our story

a swedish startup with global ambitions

Atium was founded in 2017 at Chalmers University of Technology where entrepreneurship M.Sc. students Emma, background in biotechnology, and Johan, background in business and marketing, met Björn. Björn was working as a researcher within chemical physics at Chalmers and had discovered a new method of extracting mercury from fluids. The potential environmental and economical benefits were significant, as mercury emissions is a worldwide problem, and they teamed up with the ambition of bringing the technology to the market. Atium was founded with the vision of fighting toxic pollution through innovative products based on cutting-edge research.

meet our team

the people making it happen


Johan Björkquist

CEO & Co-Founder

Henric Ernbrink



Björn Wickman

Inventor, Co-Founder & Board Member

Vera Roth

PhD Student Electrochemistry


Jan Burenius


Jan Svärd

Board Member

Mats Torring

Board Member

Björn Westman

Deputy Board Member



Stena Center
412 92 Göteborg, SE